I offer group walks (4 - 8 dogs at a time) for all sorts of dogs. In order to be apart of our family, dogs need to be well socialised and good around other dogs. Puppies are the exception when they are yet to have been introduced to this environment.



You don't have to feel guilty about leaving your pets at home anymore. If you work long hours, have an event to attend or you’ll be away for a short while, I can swing by your home each day or as often as you like.


1 visit per day $25
2 visits per day $45

Includes; feeding, cuddles and a 1 hour walk.

*Home Essentials Add-on $10 extra per day (Includes mail, plant care and bins.) 



If the thought (and price) of sending your pet to a kennel while you’re away breaks your heart, I can offer overnight services so your pet gets all the love and attention they need while in a familiar environment. My aim is to make my home your dog's home away from home.


I take on more than 3-8 dogs (depending on the sizes) at a time which means I offer a service that provides your dogs with a load of love and attention. They are not locked away and let out every so often - this is not a boarding kennel. They are free to roam the house as they wish. We go for regular walks during the day, outings to doggy parks, beaches and cafes. Have peace of mind knowing that while you are away your dogs are getting TLC at all times.

Packages start from $65 per night. Includes feeding, daily walks & excursions, love, attention and plenty of smooches.